Local and ecologically grown

We are delighted to be growing and selling wholesome veg to people in Stirling and surrounding areas. All the veg we sell has been grown on our farm in Stirlingshire. We take great pride in our work to be delivering high quality products for as much of the year as possible.

In our second year we anticipate our season to last from mid-May 2024 to end of January 2025. We endeavour to stretch that further and further as our farm and business age.

Buying straight from the farm

What gets us up in the morning is the thought that we grow food for people that appreciate what we do. That is why don’t have any customers, we have members.

Our members are those people and families that join our ‘CSA’. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and means that those people that consume the veg grown on our farm make a season long commitment to buy what is produced. In return, they get a share of the vegetables grown on site in that season.

Buying wholesale

If you are a farm shop, restaurant, cafe, caterer, or other food business that wants to get the freshest, regeneratively produced, veg onto plates then we would love to hear from you. There is no online shop for you to order from. We want to have a relationship with you and produce those products that will make a big difference to what you can offer your customers.