Memberships for our 2024 season are now closed. We do have some additional spaces for 1 month trials for our 2024 season, you can sign up for a trial below, these are on a first come first served basis.

CSA… what?

Great to see you here. It means we get a chance to explain to you why buying your veggies from Upper Ballaird Farm Coop is a great idea. You may have seen that we run with a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model. Lets make clear what that means first!

Whilst these people call aubergines eggplants… what they say about CSAs is spot on!


  • You eat delicious and healthy local veg.
  • You commit to a whole season of eating our veg.
  • You get a share of the veggies grown – the more we grow for everyone the more you get. If we get snow in August, you get much less.
  • The amount of veg you get changes over the season.
  • The types of veg you get changes over the season.
  • You decide the size of your share (we offer 3 types of share).
  • During the season you collect your veg at regular intervals (usually) weekly from one of the local pick-up points.
  • You get access to a range of perks, including special farm events.
  • Without a doubt, you are helping to create more community resilience in Stirling!

Veg Shares

1/2 Share

You get our medium box every second week.

  • £259 for 9 months
  • Medium Box
  • Fortnightly

Full Share

You will get the medium box every week.

  • £518 for 9 months
  • Medium Box
  • Weekly

1 1/2 Share

You will get the largest box every week.

  • £777 for 9 months
  • Large Box
  • Weekly

Our veg boxes are full of seasonal produce. The veg will be super fresh as we pick either on the day you get the veg or the day before (dependent on what it is). It could not be fresher.

We expect our 2024 season to begin mid-May 2024 and run until the end of January 2025 (~37 weeks). For that timeframe you can purchase a share of our produce. If you have been a veg box customer in 2023 you will recognise the different sizes, we offer and the choice to receive the medium box fortnightly. One thing to note is, that the large box will have slightly more content than in the 2023 season.

How it works

Signing Up

At the beginning of the season (by January) you sign up as a CSA member. You choose one of the three share options, add a donation amount if you like, and make a commitment to eating our veg for the season.

You do this by filling in the signup form and making a first payment to secure your share.


Once the veggies are ready (we expect that to be May 2024) we will notify you about collecting your first shares from the Farm or one of the various pick-up locations dotted around Stirlingshire (e.g. Buchlyvie, Kippen, Balfron, Killearn, Stirling, Drymen, Dumbarton etc.).

Being a member

Our CSA members are NOT customers.

Members get to come to special open days at the farm, they develop a strong relationship with the farm and the growers, they get discounts on events and other benefits.

You can have a look at our CSA members agreement here to find out the details.

Or, you get in touch with us at to ask any further questions you may have.

Feeding people in crisis

Get a free veg box when you need it, gifted by a member of our community.

We believe good quality fresh veg should be available to all, however we know right now that this is not accessible for everyone. If you are struggling to access fresh produce please reach out to our team by email at to join the solidarity scheme we collaborate on with The Hub G63.

Donate to Start Up Stirling

We are in a strategic partnership with Start Up Stirling. Start Up Stirling are a charity, their “project is focused on relieving poverty, suffering and distress of people in crisis across the Stirling Council area”.

You can either add a donation when you sign up for a CSA share or just donate fresh local veg to Start Up Stirling, who will make sure it goes to people in crisis across the Stirling Council area.

We offer three monthly donation amounts throughout our 9 month season: £8, £21, or £30.

Many thanks.

Buy a Community Veg Box

You can ‘pay it forward’ and buy a veg box for someone in our solidarity scheme.

You can donate a one off amount of £10 to contribute to veg box which will be gifted to a member of our community.

Donations can be made through The Hub G63, simply buy a Community Veg Box and we will do the rest!

Many thanks.

We are members of the Forth Valley Food & Drink who showcase and celebrate Forth Valley’s vibrant local and food drink scene.

We are working with The Hub G63 to deliver a Community Veg Box. The Hub G63 is a social enterprise engaging and supporting the local community in sustainable living, and offer a place for producers to sell online through Neighbourfood.