Wholesale Flowers

Many are favouring products that are local, sustainable, and have a low carbon footprint. It is one of our goals at Upper Ballaird Farm Coop to challenge and change the food and flower industries and offer alternative products that support our environment and our land workers.

Our flowers are grown naturally (without artificial chemicals) and with agroecological practices that support and enhance local wildlife. All of our flowers are grown in Balfron and sold locally in Scotland.

Working in Partnership with you

We are looking to create a reliable wholesale partnership with local florists. This would mean ongoing conversations about what flowers or foliage you are looking for so we can deliver a product as appropriate as possible. Maybe you want local flowers for your events or shops or maybe you want to start by offering just one special local product to gauge interest from your customer base, we are here for you!

If you, like us, celebrate the seasonality and great fragrance of Scottish grown flowers, or want to know about what we do here, please get in touch below. We can then work together to support your business in accessing sustainable cut flowers.

We are members of the Flowers Grown in Scotland group who work collaboratively to promote and showcase the benefits of growing and buying Scottish flowers.

We are part of Flowers from the Farm who are a cooperative of independent, artisan growers championing locally grown flowers.

Starting the conversation