What are we about?

We are a workers cooperative based on Upper Ballaird Farm, a smallholding of 9+ hectares betwen Balfron and Buchlyvie in Stirlingshire. We are a not-for-profit enterprise, doing business to pay fair wages to our coop members whilst also benefiting people in Stirlingshire. Environmental concerns are core to how we operate and attempt to produce goods and services in ways that capture carbon on site and creates habitat for an increasingly divers range of wildlife.

How we work

At the core of our work lies our ethos. It defines the values with which we approach our work and enterprise. This is very important to us. We endeavour to do good by people and planet, running an agroecological farm is our way of doing that.

We know that we cannot change things without others. That is why we work in partnership with those that try to bring about some of the changes we also want to see. You can find out more about who our partners are.

The most important part of our workers coop are the workers themselves. Lofty ambitions of positive social and environmental impacts could lead us astray. Being a workers cooperative helps us remember that without the workers, there is no impact.

Agroecological Enterprise Hub

We are currently focussing on growing vegetables and cut flowers. However, we expect that to evolve. We expect more people will be joining the team sooner or later. Some of those may be joining the current activities we already run, others may come with their own ideas about what should happen on Upper Ballaird Farm. Upper Ballaird Farm is a place for those with agroecological ambitions.

If you want to start an enterprise and are looking for land, if you are looking for a supportive environment to realise your dreams, if you are trying to find a place to learn, grow, and flourish. Get in touch with us and we shall see where it goes.