Nourishing experiences

at Upper Ballaird Farm

The physical and mental health benefits of being outdoors and spending time with others are invaluable.

We aim to promote physical and mental health and well-being through outdoor activity and meet ups at the farm.

We offer Pick Your Own Flower Sessions, Volunteer Sessions, and one off days and events to help you fill your time with the great outdoors and great company.

Pick Your Own Flowers

Spend some time with friends, family, or make that much needed time for yourself. Picking your own flowers allows you to choose exactly what flowers you want, express your creativity, and enjoy the outdoors.

If you have any questions before you book or are interested in discussing options for a group booking then please contact us via email:

We will open sessions in 2024.

Volunteer Sessions

We are truly grateful to everyone who has already volunteered with us, helping us to remove metal from the woodlands, put in fences, take out fences, and plant over 1500 trees!

We want to offer volunteers a place to learn new skills, be part of a community, meet new people, make a difference, and benefit from working outdoors.

If you would like to volunteer with us, please email to request an application form.


We will be holding one off events at the farm such as tree planting days, one off projects, and other exciting outdoor activities.

If you would like to be a part of these please sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram as this is where we will announce our one off events.